Women's Commission


  1. To provide a regional forum for the exchange of ideas and information in the area of Christian women's ministry.
  2. To network Christians and Christian organisations that are involved within the Caribbean in Evangelical Christian women's ministry and/or in reaching women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. To encourage and, in certain cases, sponsor/co-sponsor conferences and consultations on women's ministries and related disciplines.
  4. To develop and implement programmes which will:
    1. Help in furthering the overall task of Caribbean evangelisation.
    2. Help Christian women understand and appropriate the truth that they are equally created in the image of God, valued by God, called and gifted for ministry.
    3. Encourage Churches to identify, train, and maximise the use of God-given gifts of women.
    4. Mobilise women to more effectively meet the needs of people in the Church, home, school, and society.
    5. Seek to address the very real needs of Caribbean women within a matrifocal society.
  5. To liaise with other Evangelical agencies working in the same or related ministries regionally and extra-regionally
  6. To provide speakers and consultants for member-bodies and the general Evangelical community of the region in the area of women's ministries.
  7. To publish materials which are helpful to Caribbean Christians in areas related to women's ministry.
  8. To provide, where practical and beneficial, extra-regional representation of Caribbean Evangelicals whom God has placed in women's ministries.

For further information contact:
Mrs. Blossom White
Commission Chair

36 Mottley Avenue,
Kingston 20,
Tel: 878-925-1414