Theological Commission

Current Programmes:

CETA Directory of Member Institutions
Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association
Biennial Consultation
Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology
Caribbean Graduate School of Theology
New Graduate Degree Programmes in South-Eastern Caribbean


  1. To enable the national Evangelical fellowships and other members of EAC to better serve their constituencies by providing them with appropriate theological and other related resources.
  2. To affirm and defend the historic Evangelical faith in the context of contemporary issues in the life and witness of the Caribbean Church.
  3. To be a prophetic voice to Evangelicals throughout the Caribbean relating the Gospel to the whole of life, to strengthen the work of the other Commissions of EAC and of national/regional theological associations, and to serve the theological needs of the EAC constituencies.
  4. To initiate, where necessary, and to support, if possible, in cooperation with other regional, Evangelical, theological associations’ particular projects and programmes.
  5. To enter into serious dialogue with other Christian bodies and, when deemed necessary, with non-Christian religious and ideological organisations with a view to faithfully proclaiming the Gospel.
  6. To engage in serious theological research and reflection through the promotion of small study groups and by sponsoring seminars, consultations and conferences.
  7. To publish the findings of the Commission's own research and those of co-operative programmes in newsletters, journals, monographs, reports, books and through other appropriate communication media.