EAC'S Commission on Relief & Development



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In a spirit of servanthood EAC's Commission on Relief and Development (EAC-COMRAD) exists to enable local churches to respond rapidly and effectively to disasters and to develop holistic, transformational ministry.

Service Commitments

To establish administrative and financial systems to implement the varied ministries of the commission in:

  1. Participating in existing structures, and where necessary creating structures, for cooperation in relief and development ministry,
  2. Developing a network of information and resources for social ministry,
  3. Identifying critical social and developmental needs through research and consultations,
  4. Fostering relief, rehabilitation, development, and reconciliation ministries,
  5. Influencing public policies to achieve justice and peace,
  6. Training church leadership in social ministry (where social ministry = social services + social action),
  7. Disseminating information on social ministry to churches,
  8. Raising the needed resources for the ministry of this commission

Churches Responding to Disaster

The Church is in an excellent position to play a major role in each of the three stages of a natural disaster; and in fact, has a responsibility from our Lord to do so...
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Tsunami Awareness

Simple things to keep in mind to prepare yourself for and during a Tsunami.
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EAC-COMRAD is an associate member of the Micah Network
For further information contact:
Rev. Philip Drayton