Commission on Evangelism & Missions

Rev. Ken Ragoonath


CONECAR 2007 - Making Disciples
2000 Declaration
Caribbean Global Missions Association

Mission Statement

In a spirit of servanthood the EAC’s Commission on Evangelism and Missions (EAC-COEM) exists to enable local churches to extend the kingdom of God through Christ-centred proclamation of the Gospel and the transformation of society.


  1. To challenge the Caribbean Church to respond to its global responsibility so that unreached peoples will be given opportunities to respond to the Gospel and vital local churches may be established.
  2. To provide a regional forum for the exchange of ideas and information, as well to speak prophetically to the Caribbean Church concerning its evangelistic and missionary responsibilities.
  3. Rev. Ken Ragoonath
  4. To promote the development of missions’ societies as well as associations of missions on a national as well as regional basis.
  5. To develop and implement programmes which will:
    1. Help in furthering the overall task of Caribbean evangelisation.
    2. Aid Caribbean Evangelicals in their response to the global missions task.
    3. Foster true Christian unity and co-operation throughout the region in collaboration with member bodies.
  6. To develop in-depth evangelism and mission strategies.
  7. To encourage and, in certain cases, sponsor/co-sponsor conferences/consultations on evangelism and/or missions and related disciplines.
  8. To assist in developing church growth studies within the region
  9. To provide pastoral and lay leadership training in the area of evangelism and missions.
  10. To be a channel of communications, particularly between the established and emerging missions agencies within the region.
  11. To liaise with other Evangelical agencies working in the same or related ministries.
  12. To provide speakers and consultants for member-bodies and the Evangelical community of the region in the areas of evangelism and missions.
  13. To publish materials which are helpful to the evangelism and missions movements.

For further information contact:
Rev. Emerson Boyce
Commission Executive Director