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Radio Programme Production Seminar
Christian Writers Seminar
Radio Management Forum


  1. To provide a regional forum for the exchange of ideas and information in the developing fields of mass communications including - but not necessarily limited to - radio, television, and print media.
  2. To network Christians and Christian organisations who are involved within the Caribbean in using the mass media to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples of the region.
  3. radio
  4. To encourage and, in certain cases, sponsor/co-sponsor conferences and consultations on mass communications and related disciplines.
  5. To develop and implement training seminars and courses designed to teach Caribbean Christians, ministers as well as lay-persons, the effective use of the mass media as a tool to present the Gospel to the unsaved as well as to strengthen and edify the existing Christian community.
  6. To develop and implement programmes which will:
    1. Help in furthering the overall task of Caribbean evangelisation.
    2. Aid Caribbean Evangelicals in their response to and use of developing technologies of mass communications.
    3. Foster true Christian unity and co-operation throughout the region in collaboration with member-bodies.
    4. Inform and comment from a Christian perspective concerning the significant impact of media, both Christian and secular.
    5. Offer alternative programming proposals which would foster Christian values, with a special emphasis on high quality programmes originating from within our region.
  7. To liaise with other Evangelical agencies working in the same or related ministries regionally and extra-regionally.
  8. To provide speakers and consultants for member-bodies and the general Evangelical community of the region in the area of mass communications.
  9. To publish materials which are helpful to Caribbean Christians using the mass communication media.
  10. To provide, where practical and beneficial, extra-regional representation of Caribbean Evangelicals whom God has placed in mass communications
  11. To assist in the promotion of all activities related to the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean.