Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership

  1. Discounts on all EAC events. This will take effect after CONECAR 2004. Any event planned by EAC will have a built in discount for members.
  2. Training/education through seminars. EAC works with member-bodies to develop seminars that address felt needs.
  3. Connectivity/networking – nationally, regionally, globally. The Body of Christ being able to act as the Body of Christ.
  4. Email linkage for news, prayer, etc.
  5. Advocacy – EAC assists member-bodies in speaking to national and regional issues. Through EAC member-bodies can share how they have addressed specific issues so that others may benefit from research already done.
  6. Special promotions.
  7. Listing on EAC website with contact information..
  8. Access to resources regionally through EAC and internationally through WEA
  9. Representation at regional and international forums.
  10. Access to membership directory of EAC with member bodies and associates.