Key Objective


In a spirit of servanthood the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean exists to unite Evangelical Christians in the Caribbean, giving them a regional identity, voice, and platform to extend the Kingdom of God through Christ-centered proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples, discipling the nations, and the transformation of society.


Every Church empowered to transform Caribbean society through biblical discipleship so that poverty is reduced, peace (wholeness) is increased, public justice is ensured, and national righteousness develops.

Purpose Commitment:

Empowering the Church to transform society.

Service Commitments:

To establish administrative and financial systems to implement the varied ministries of the association in:

  • Providing Evangelicals with a regional identity, presence, and a representative voice
  • Developing a network of information and resources for holistic ministry,
  • Identifying critical needs through research and consultations,
  • Enabling respected theologians to develop position papers on crucial issues,
  • Encouraging national saturation church planting,
  • Promoting cross-cultural missions,
  • Fostering relief, development, and reconciliation ministries,
  • Influencing public policies to achieve justice and peace,
  • Training of church leadership,
  • Disseminating information to churches,
  • Establishing specialised ministries, e.g., women, youth, family life, etc.
  • Raising the needed resources for ministries.

Recipient Commitment:

Primarily the member-constituencies, other Christian constituencies, and the needy peoples and communities within the Caribbean.

Geographical/Scope Commitment:

Throughout the islands of the Caribbean, including the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch islands and including those Central and South American countries which traditionally relate to the Caribbean islands, namely Belize, Guyana, Guyane (French Guiana), and Suriname.

Employee Commitment:

To provide office employees, workers, and missionaries optimum opportunities for spiritual and professional growth.

Constituency/Donor Commitment:

To provide accurate and timely information to the leaders of member-bodies for their constituencies; to other related organisations; and to donors on programmes, performances, needs, and other involvement opportunities.

Church/Community Relations Commitment:

To establish and maintain good rapport with other Christian, government, civic, and community leaders.

Ethical Commitments:

These services shall be carried out in accordance with Biblical principles, with sensitivity to culture, within the applicable laws of the land, and in fulfillment of EAC's Code Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice.

Functioncal Commitment:

This charter shall be accomplished by managing (Planning, Organising, Leading, and Controlling) the technical activities of Administration and Finance, Re-sources Development, and the ministries of the different Commissions and Networks.